Did Pre-K Live Up To Our Expectations?!

by Kathy Sykes on April 17, 2012 · 0 comments


In a few weeks, my son will be graduating from preschool and heading to the big world of Kindergarten. Every family has a choice on whether to send their children to preschool or just wait until kindergarten for their child’s first experience with school. I thought that I would share with you some of the advantages that I believe my son received by going to preschool.

  1. Learned to work in a group
  2. Exposed to diversity outside of the home
  3. In depth learning of letters and numbers
  4. Critical thinking skills
  5. Time spent with children his own age
  6. Ability to become confident away from Mom and Dad
  7. Ability to respect other adults outside of his family
  8. Memorization skills through learning school songs, rhymes, parts in plays, etc
  9. Interaction with older children in the school
  10. Exposure and reinforcement of rules outside of the home

What we learned, as parents, from sending our child to preschool:

  1. The importance of parental involvement in children’s learning
  2. Parents can make or break a school’s success
  3. Working as a team with our child’s teacher in their learning
  4. Settling conflict between our child and other children and their parents
  5. Giving our child “freedom” to develop himself as an individual

For us, it has been a positive experience and everyone should assess the teachers and schools for themselves to see if preschool is the right step for them.


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