Yes, It’s That Time! Preparing For Family Vacations!

by Kathy Sykes on April 4, 2012 · 0 comments


This is the first year my family will be taking a vacation during my son’s Spring Break from school and we are really excited.

Normally, I plan our vacations based on the time of year, budget and our work schedules (meaning that my son would have to take time out from school) and that is no good in our household anymore. We definitely try and make all of our vacations educational trips too but we are loving my son’s preschool and don’t want him to miss out on anything this year.

In a few weeks we will be taking a multipurpose vacation with the main purpose of strengthening the family. We will be traveling to Texas to spend a whole week with my husband’s side of the family and reconnecting. Since my son is an only child in the household, it is very important that he gets acquainted with his extended family and maintain a good relationship.

Even though we will be visiting family, we are staying in a hotel and will be in a beach location. So, it will still allow us to feel as if we are on vacation. Other than reconnecting with family, my top priority for vacations are to:

  • Enjoy the outdoors as much as possible (pray for sun)
  • Eat new and great food
  • Learn something new

This vacation is also budget friendly which was important for us this year since I recently decided to cut my hours back at work so that I can have more time with family and fulfilling my purpose in life.

How do you prepare for family vacations and what are the factors that help you decide where and what to do?


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