Maternity Leave Benefits Out Of This World!

by Kathy Sykes on May 9, 2012 · 0 comments



Have you read about the Australian Company, IAG, who is now offering “out of this world” maternity leave benefits to there employees?!

It goes something like this:

1. 14 weeks paid time off for giving birth or adoption

2. Six weeks “welcome back bonus” which is DOUBLE PAY for the first six weeks back to work

3. On top of this, the Australian government gives new parents up to 18 weeks minimum wage or a $5,400 “Baby Bonus” which ever is greater.

Why are they doing this?

“This initiative came out of discussions that we had with our people — and specifically women — on the difficulties and pressures that they faced upon returning to the workforce,” Wilkins told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. “We think this welcome back payment is a good first step in helping them to address a number of those pressures.”

More than half of IAG’s 10,000 employees are women, the International Business Times reported, and 500 to 600 IAG employees go on maternity leave each year. The company’s goal is to have one third of all senior management positions filled by women by 2015, Wilkins said, adding that he thinks the welcome back bonus “will help us achieve that, by really ensuring we are an employer of choice for mothers and families.”

WOW….a country that takes pride in women leadership!!!! What a concept!

Read full article here.

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