5 Steps For Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party!

by Kathy Sykes on July 13, 2012 · 1 comment


Birthday parties are one of the most special events of each year and parents can sometimes stress themselves out trying to plan the perfect birthday party for their child.

Here are my 5 steps for planning a great birthday party for your child:

1. Have A Theme. If your child is old enough to give input into the theme of the party, then by all means take it. The party is for the child, not the adults and we want the child to have the best time doing what they love to do. Also, include the theme of the party on the invitations. That way, if any guests would like to dress the part or buy gifts in relation to the theme, it will make for easy gift choices and put your guests at ease.

2. Consider Your Guests (this includes their parents). When planning a party for “your” child, also remember that you want his/her guests to have just as much fun. Don’t center everything around the birthday boy/girl. Have plenty of activities that everyone can participate and possibly even have small take home gifts. For the parents of the guests, always have enough food for them as well. There is nothing more dissatisfying than having a noon birthday party at a place that only offers food to the children. Many times the family has not eaten yet and to wait around 2 hours until they can eat can make for a bad attitude. Also, if you are having a party at a place that charges admission, either determine if you are going to pay for everyone’s admission (including the parents) or at least put the cost on the invitation. That way the other parents might not be so inclined to bring other siblings and incur extra costs.

3. To Feed or Not To Feed. Again, when choosing the time of day to have your party will also determine if you will have food other than cake and punch. If you are having a lunch time party, I would suggest have light finger foods along with your cake and punch. If the party is between 1pm and 4pm, then cake and punch only would be okay. Those time offer parents the flexibility of having lunch before and dinner afterwards. Also, lots of places will not allow you to bring food from the outside in, so be aware of the details and plan appropriately.

4. Give Yourself Enough Time. Make sure to send out invitations at least three weeks in advance and include an RSVP. If you are having a party at a facility, many require a minimum number of people to attend for a certain price. If you are having the party at your home, the RSVP will help you determine the amount of food and size of cake you will need and you will still have plenty of time to order a cake (if you don’t make it yourself).

5. Be A True Host. Even though the party is for the kids, don’t let the adults feel left out. Many times we know our children’s friends from school and really don’t know the parents well. Mingle throughout the party with the parents and get to know them a little better. If the party is a combination of family and guests, make sure you introduce the guests to family members so that they can mingle among themselves. Try not to put your family to work during the party. Designate one or two family members to assist you during the party and let everyone else just have fun.

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Linda Kirk July 13, 2012 at 6:05 am

Early Happy Birthday chocolate drop. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow- Aunt Nina


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