Reflecting, Refocusing, And Redirecting My Blog!

by Kathy Sykes on July 11, 2012 · 0 comments


With the start of my new blog project Your Virtual Pharmacist, I am dedicated to NOT letting my personal blog fall by the wayside and am REFLECTING on why it is I started this blog and REFOCUSING on the subject matter that I want to share with you.

A Wife, Mother, First Lady will now be only about what the title implies……Who I am and who I am striving to become!!!

If you take a look at the categories on the left (Spiritual Growth, Events/Giveways, Work/Life Balance, Education and Play, and Giving Back) it will give you a better indication of what to expect on a consistent basis from my blog.

I am striving to build and maintain a community of women who are walking in the same shoes as me and have something to share that can help us along this fantastic journey. As I still wrestle with finding my “space” in ministry and our church, finding my “philanthropic” spirit and involving myself in my community, plan and engage in local events that feed my spirit, raise my son and learn from him at the same time, and try to find a balance out of it all, I want to take you on the “authentic” journey with me.

Stay RIGHT HERE to get more personal with me as an individual AND also be REDIRECTED to Your Virtual Pharmacist where I will be also chatting (with my colleagues) about fashion, career, health, and much, much more!!!


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