5 Ways To Use Your M.B.A. Outside Of The Work Place!

by Kathy Sykes on August 31, 2012 · 2 comments

Speaking with a number of women who have gone to graduate school to enhance their career, I have found that many jobs don’t really take it into consideration anymore. Having a M.B.A. is just as good as 10 years experience in some companies. So do you feel like your advanced degree is in vain or not being utilized?

Well, if you understand anything about graduate school, it is a place the develops not only your career skills but builds your character and working relationships as a whole.

If your job is not utilizing your advance degree skills, here are 5 ways you can still put your knowledge to work:

1. Time Management. Business school teaches you how to manage time and become more efficient in the workplace. These skills are also important in the family unit. With both parents working, having kids with activities, and running a household, time management is key. Use your knowledge of how to break down tasks into the most efficient times of the day, decide who is the best at what tasks and try to accommodate the family’s needs so that there is happiness and satisfaction

2. Finance Management. This is important in all aspects of life. Knowing how to create a budget, keep up with  revenues versus expenses, and watch spending is very helpful in the daily management of your life. Just like companies use graphs and spreadsheets, it is not a bad idea to use online programs to help manage you and your family’s financial needs.

3. Conflict Resolution. This is a needed skill in the household and any community organizations you are involved in. Understanding behavioral patterns can be useful in being a mediator in the home, as well as, the community.

4. Marketing. We use a lot of marketing in our everyday life when it comes to selling products for a school fundraiser, implementing programs in your church, and if you are just trying to have a yard sell or sell a car on Craig’s list. You knowledge of demographics, what people want, how to attract a customer are all things that can be enhanced by your advanced degree background.

5. Customer Service. You will have a much better experience in the retail or commercial arena when you have a background on how companies work from the inside. Your M.B.A. has given you the knowledge of how companies want to attract and keep customers. So, when you frequent a store, you already know how to behave, what is not acceptable for company policy and how to handle the situation from a business prospective.

Most importantly, if you feel as though your knowledge is not being utilized in your workplace, remember that there are many nonprofit organizations, churches, school groups, and individuals who can benefit from your expertise. And who knows, one of those arenas could offer you an opportunity to be a leader and change your whole perspective of how you are to use your M.B.A.


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Linda Kirk August 31, 2012 at 11:50 am

Degrees are Never a waste of investment it is truly how we choose to use them.


Kathy Sykes September 15, 2012 at 6:35 pm



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