How You Can Help Your Child’s Teacher This Year!

by Kathy Sykes on August 14, 2012 · 0 comments

This week I will be talking about topics that will help you as a parent become more involved in your child’s school year. I am a huge proponent of the parent/teacher “team” relationship which means that parents work at home to supplement what their child is learning at school, help out in their child’s classroom, and consistently have open communication with their child’s teachers about all things.

I recently read a great article titled 13 Ways to Help Your Child’s Teacher over at and wanted to share the tips with you. Click on the link above to get full details about each tip.

1. Sharpen pencils                                                                7. Be a Bulletin Board Buddy

2. Help around the classroom                                         8.  Deliver a School Day Treat

3. Restock the Supply Closet                                            9. Provide IT Support

4. Be a Reading Buddy                                                        10. Bring Your Set of Skills

5. Lead a Small Group                                                         11. Teach a Lesson

6. Lead a Book Club                                                              12. Make Use of At-Home Time

13. Record Your Favorite Stories

Let me know how you plan on helping your child’s teacher this year or what things you have done in the past that were successful.

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