Kid Rules To Live By Via Michelle Obama!

by Kathy Sykes on September 26, 2012 · 0 comments

Yes, again I am saying “We love our First Lady of The United States” and here is another reason why. I recently read an article where FLOTUS talks about the strict rules that she and the President have for their daughters.

I thought the rules were very appropriate for the day and time that we live in and here is just a few of what she mentions:

1. Write reports about trips that the girls have been on

2. Learn to do their own laundry before heading to college

3. Eat their vegetables.

Please be sure to read the entire article at the link above because I am sure you will be inspired to do some modifications yourself. One of the changes we have made was to limit the amount of time our son is watching television AND monitoring better what he is watching. It is easy to let kids watch t.v. after school so that we parents can have some down time to ourselves. That is what I was doing anyway. But there are other alternatives to watching t.v. that children can do.

What we have starting doing now is:

1. Going through school folder immediately and having out son “re-do” or begin his homework on his own. Then we review.

2. Get out a book, put on music, or a DVD that has been parent approved

3. Playtime (either coloring, art, painting, etc)

We do allow him to watch 1 hour of television during the week (Sunday-Thursday) and it is after bath time and right before bed. On Fridays and Saturdays he gets to watch two hours but I try (just like FLOTUS) to keep him busy with other things that he missed his two hours on the weekend.

What rules to do have in place for your kids?



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