How Goldie Does It At Age 67!

by Kathy Sykes on December 14, 2012 · 0 comments

Goldie Hawn on the cover of Prevention magazine -- Prevention Magazine

We all love Goldie Hawn and she looks better than ever at age 67. Here are her tips to looking fabulous(from Prevention Magazine interview):

Goldie: “I do try to do some form of exercise 4 days a week. At home in California, I’ll bike up the mountain. Or I’ll do Pilates or Spin. And I do eat a lot of greens. I eat healthy, but I’m not a vegetarian”.

Goldie: “It’s not the idea of a particular religion that’s important; it’s the development of a spiritual life. Because spirituality creates well-being, health, and happiness.”

A daily meditation practice helps Goldie settle her mind and be more peaceful with life. “You’ll see the benefits of meditation aren’t just in your head. They’re as physiological as the benefits of exercise on your muscles.”

Do you think these tips could work for you? What are some of your tried and true tips for looking fit and youthful?

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