5 Ways To Select Apps For Your Child!

by Kathy Sykes on January 11, 2013 · 0 comments

LeapFrog Connect Apps Store

My son was recently given a LeapPad 2 electronic tablet. Initially, I thought that it was an expensive “toy” to buy my five year old but there are some very fun and educational games and apps that can help your child learn while having fun too.

But with the millions of apps out there, how do you know which ones will be “just right” for your child?

Well, LeapFrog Connect has its own apps center with ebooks, books, games, music, etc that you can buy and download to your child’s tablet. They are categorized by age and include a trailer for you to review before buying. I love this aspect because most of the apps cost at least $10 dollars and I don’t want to buy something that won’t interest my son.

This is how we decide which LeapFrog Connect apps to purchase:

1. My son and I sit down together (most times) and look over a few of the apps in each category. The majority of them are “character” based (i.e. Disney, Spongebob, Tad, etc) so the ones that my son likes the most are the ones he will lean toward. If my son is not around, I usually know which characters he likes the most and will choose accordingly.

2. We find out which apps are within his age level. I normally go up an age level for Thomas because we have been working on lots of math and reading with other programs and I want to consistently keep him challenged. This is another great opportunity to review the trailer to make sure it would be age and skill appropriate for your child.

3. I look at the cost of each app. As a matter of fact, this is probably the first thing I look at. Apps can cost up to $25 per download and that is “HIGH” in my opinion. I have purchased a few in the past but they have to be superior and of high learning quality. Most of the ebooks are in this price range and I will buy a couple of those every few months.

4. Most kids love games and my son is particularly interested in the “bang ’em up” type of games like Angry Birds, Spiderman, etc. LeapFrog Connect does not have games of this nature BUT there are games that allow your child to knock down walls and blow up things in order to make the correct selection. These are fun for him too.

5. Last but not least, LeapFrog Connect also has music. The music ranges anywhere from songs for toddlers to the popular Kidz Bop series. Thomas loves music and this is one of the newer apps we have added to the tablet. He does not have a MP3 player but he can still listen to the latest music through his tablet.

For us, we want Thomas’ LeapPad 2 to be more math,reading, and life skills top heavy with a few games and music mixed in. I do like the fact that they make the apps fun and interesting for kids and not too difficult.

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