Mastering The English Language While Learning A Second One!

by Kathy Sykes on February 15, 2013 · 0 comments



Do you think that American children are being “taught” the English language the way that they should be? What I mean is, have we adapted to broken English in schools, home, and business?

The reason for this post is because the other day my son asked me not to turn on the A. C. I asked him what did A. C. mean and he didn’t know. I realized that we had been saying A.C. instead of air conditioning in his presence and that was the only thing he knew.

That is when I noticed that maybe we are not doing our children justice with the English language. We understand the importance of diversity in this country and we encourage learning a second language, but are we focused “first and foremost” on teaching and speaking the English language correctly all the time?

I would say not!

How can parents, teachers and community become more mindful of encouraging our children to speak and understand the use of the English language?

1. Consistently be mindful of the way we speak and what “slang” we use in front of younger children. They are in a super intense learning phase and they will think that the way you are saying things is the correct way. It is easier to teach young children the correct way in the beginning then trying to reverse bad grammar later in life.


2. Encourage reading. The best way to understand proper grammar, spelling and speech is through the written word. Make sure the books you choose are ones that don’t include slang. When reading stories aloud to children from books enables them to hear proper pronunciation and enunciation of words.


3. Monitor what our children are watching. Not only do we want to be mindful of what is going into our children’s minds through television, it is most important to be aware of the language that is used there as well. Some programming is better than others. It is our responsibility as parents to guard our children’s ears from things that are not positive.


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