Cleaning Products For The Busy Working (Outside of the Home) Mom!

by Kathy Sykes on March 13, 2013 · 0 comments

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If I could wiggle my nose and click my heels, I would have a housekeeper to come in and clean my house once a week. But I did not get the “magic” gene from my fairy Godmother. So, I have to clean my house myself…BOO!

Since I work full-time outside of the home like many mothers, I don’t have a lot of time to do that thorough deep cleaning that I would like. And to make matters worse, I really, really, really dislike cleaning. 🙂

So what is a woman to do? Well, I am sharing with you what I do and what products I use to keep my house as clean as I possibly can. Please do not be fooled that this is a post about having a squeaky clean and neat house all of the time. This is just what I do to (at minimum or maximum however you want to look at it) to keep my house presentable.

For me, there are two rooms that must be kept clean all the time….the kitchen and the bathrooms. Even though it takes more effort than I am usually wanting to give, I clean the kitchen with Clorox wipes, Mr. Clean, and wash up the dishes after every use. Why? because this is where we eat and we don’t want it to be a pig stye. That doesn’t make dinner very appetizing. Now that I have new countertops, the clean-up is much easier for me.

clorox wipes

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For the bathrooms, I keep liquid toilet bowl cleaner, Tilex Mold and Mildew, and Clorox Greenworks available at all times. Every week I clean the toilet bowls (my least favorite), spray the shower and wash out the tubs. This is the best that I can do with the time limits I have during the week. On the weekends, I wipe down the sinks with Clorox wipes.










Bed linen get washed every week (or two) and freshened up using Febreeze with Gain every week. Did I mention that I dislike doing laundry as well?


Vaccuming happens once (or every two weeks) a week at my house and I also spray Febreeze on my carpeted areas. It does leave a fresh smell in the house.

Two areas that get neglected a lot are dusting furniture and mopping the floors. I have to be much better in these areas and thus have no suggestions for you. My husband is responsible for mopping the floors and there is nothing better and cleaner than Pin-Sol.

So there you have it! Yes, I could use some tips on how to stay on schedule and maybe do a better job, but this works for us. If you do have suggestions, please leave me a comment and let’s discuss.

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