Supplementing Your Child’s Learning At Home-Awareness!

by Kathy Sykes on March 15, 2013 · 0 comments

Every week my son has a test on sight words that he has learned from school and by reviewing at home. Every test that he has taken he has scored a 100%.

Also, every week my son gets to pick a book from the school library to bring home to read during the week. But yesterday I became very aware of something……he is not retaining the sight words that he is learning each week. Whose fault is that? Mine.

We all know as adults, we learn information for the time that it is needed, but remembering it long-term is another ball game. I don’t want my son to get into the bad habit of only learning things for a test and not retaining for a lifetime. This is so important for reading because reading and the love of reading is a lifetime journey.

So what is my plan?

Instead of throwing away the sight word sheets from each week (after the test is taken), I will now begin to keep them in a folder to review with him during the month.

The day I realized he was not retaining his sight words, I wrote down three sight words, from past test, in his tablet and had him copy them three times each.



Then, I cut out small pieces of paper with each sight word on it and made a matching game for him to recognize, match, and pronounce each word.




Not only is he learning, he is having fun at the same time.

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