Making Your Own Salsa At Home!

by Kathy Sykes on May 6, 2013 · 0 comments

One of the recipes I made recently via Pinterest was a homemade salsa in a blender.


This recipe comes from Mountain Mama Cooks website and it was just okay for me (it was a little on the thin side). But even though I didn’t fall in love with this recipe, I did learn something.

If you want restaurant style salsa at home, all you have to do is keep and add key ingredients to a store bought salsa that you love.

First, purchase your favorite salsa (it could be verde, mango, chunky or thin). Next, always have on hand some ground cumin, cilantro, white onions, and limes.

If you chop up your cilantro and onions fine enough, you won’t need a blender. Season the salsa with lime juice and cumin to taste and VOILA!

I do add salt to mine (even though I am supposed to be monitoring my intake) but I like my salsa on the salty side. Also, if you want a little kick, add a fresh chopped jalapeno.

Let me know how you like your salsa and if you make it at home.

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