Sophisticated Note Cards Via Paper Culture {Sponsored Post}!

by Kathy Sykes on May 29, 2013 · 0 comments

Today, I want to introduce to you the custom stationery and thank you card company Paper Culture. Yes, stationery and thank you cards…they still do exist and are still necessary.

 paper culture


We all love social media and using the internet for quick and fast communication with friends and family, but there are times when using the internet to announce things just leaves out that personal touch.

If you are still a person who loves to send formal thank you cards or letters to friends through the mail, this company has many great products.

I was able to order custom stationery with my name on it for those notes that I need to send with my son to school, camp, or for his sitter. Instead of using plain computer paper or a memo pad, a handwritten note on custom stationery makes the experience for the sender and receiver more pleasant.

Here are my custom stationery note cards in a pretty pink monogrammed design.





So why would you use Paper Culture over just your ordinary stationery at your local store?

1.  Paper Culture products are made 100% made from recycled products

2.  The company provides a unique customer service program

3.  The company will address, stamp and mail your products for FREE

You can also find Paper Culture on social media sites:

>> Facebook (over 130,000 fans):
>> Twitter:
>> Blog:

Check them out and see how you like it!


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