Summer Homeschooling {And Doing What The Elite Do}!

by Kathy Sykes on May 3, 2013 · 2 comments


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Yes, I still homeschool my son (which mean actively teach and participate in my son’s learning at home in conjunction with his teachers) while he goes to traditional school and I am working on my summer learning plan for him right now.

What is my summer homeschooling plan or what would I like it to be?

Well, for us summer time is a time to have a break from the structured learning of the traditional school setting but it is also a time where we like to continue to supplement learning in fun ways.

First, summer vacations and travel are an excellent way to supplement learning during the summer (and you don’t have to travel far to do so). If you are planning any kind of summer travel, do a little bit of research of two or three educational sites in your travel city where you can take your children and learn. Sometimes it is great to do the research together online so when you all arrive, the kids have something to look forward to that they are already familiar with. Even if you go to the lake for the summer, you may want to discuss types of fish and their habitat. During outside play, you can study science and insects that you see. Just small and fun things like that.

Second, reading books continue to be a priority. I vlogged a while back about my husband and I touring a potential new school for my son and loved the curriculum and methods of teaching. Unfortunately, the school was not in our price range, lacked diversity and was not conviently located in our neighborhood. But that doesn’t mean that our son still can’t benefit from that type of learning at home. So, what I am doing is downloading that school’s summer reading list for 1st graders and picking several of those books for us to read this summer. Also, some of their teaching approaches can be implemented during our summer homeschooling by us instead of his traditional school. So pretty much he has the best of both worlds.

Third, we use summertime to encourage and teach healthy living and physical activity through camp and outdoor play, building team sportsmanship when he participates in softball and the development of his spiritual life (he is sooo ready to take communion but still unclear about baptism and what it means).

We really don’t want summer to feel like a “drag” for our son but want him to learn and have fun at the same time. Yes, it takes some effort but in the long run, the benefits can be tremendous.


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Debbie May 17, 2013 at 4:12 pm

We are also Summer schooling at home this year! My daughter is going into the 6th Grade next year and I just worried that she might have some Brain drain over the Summer, if she stopped learning all together. Thankfully, I have found some free resources like she can use. Still, I am looking for more, Any tips?



Kathy Sykes May 20, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Thanks for the information Debbie. My son will be in first grade next year and we will be doing more reading and science this summer. Hoping to use activities from our activities for science experience. Reading is key for us this summer and we are using a reading list from a local school. Stay in touch.


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