Summer Reading Update!

by Kathy Sykes on June 24, 2013 · 0 comments

Right now we are working on Phonological Awareness and Phonics. This section of Starfall is comprised of 8 units with 12 independent reading lessons each. The units are fun and easy to navigate on the computer for rising first graders. If your child is unable to sound-out a word, the program allows your child to click on that particular word to hear it pronounced. We love that part. I have encouraged Thomas to try to visual recognize the word first, then try to sound it out, and then to click on the word for help as the last resort. Usually he can figure it out but there are times he needs help.

Of each unit, we complete about 3-4 lessons each night or so. If he is enjoying the lesson, he can do more but I don’t want to burn him out or make it seem like too much work or demand for him. Of course, each unit gets more in depth and complex than the first BUT you don’t have to move on until you feel your child is ready. You can do a unit or lesson as many times as you like.

If you are unable to sit with your child while they are reading their lessons, the beauty of the program is that you can hear what your child is learning to read and have them click on the speaker so that it repeats and you know if they got it right or not. Sometimes I am cooking dinner or doing other things around the house and can’t sit right next to Thomas each time. What I ask him to do is read aloud to me the story and then click on the speaker so that I can be sure that he is saying what is on the screen.

I will have another update next week with what we have learned, what we like, what is challenging and so forth.

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