Constant State Of Learning!

by Kathy Sykes on August 5, 2013 · 0 comments

This is where I am. I am dedicated to keep my mind, body, and spirit in a constant state of learning.

I once (actually many times) would say that I would NEVER go back to school. I graduated college, professional school, did a residency and then graduated business school.

Sitting in a classroom again was/is not my idea of fun or growth.

What I have realized that growth and learning never stops and the best lessons can be learned OUTSIDE of the classroom.

I have a lot of education and I know a little something about some things.

I decided a few years back that I would consciously and actively begin to listen and keep my mouth closed. I has been both a blessing and a hinderance of sorts.

Instead of focusing on the hinderances, I want to talk about the blessing.

I learned so much by  listening to people’s stories, testimonies, triumphs and heartaches.

I have learned a lot from my church where I am the First Lady but keep my mouth closed so that I can take in the message, discern the congregation, and let the spirit do the talking.

I have heard from people who I would love to emulate and those who I would pray to never take on their behaviors.

THE WORLD is such an amazing place and I long (on a daily basis) for the learning and growth that I will be experiencing in my future.

I haven’t been consistent with my posts here as of late, but when your spirit starts to speak and shine….then I must share.

Join me.


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