Lessons From A Return To Love Series {Continued}

by Kathy Sykes on August 15, 2013 · 0 comments


I hope you all are keeping up with me in growth with Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love lessons.

Here are this weeks “take away” thoughts/lessons:

“God isn’t angry at our sins because they’re not really happening. He doesn’t see sins, but only errors in perception. He doesn’t want to punish us, but to heal us. The way He heals us is through a force of consciousness call the Holy Spirit”.

“Our comfort zones are the limited areas in which we find it easy to love. It’s the Holy Spirit’s job not to respect those comfort zones, but to bust them. We’re not at the mountaintop until any zone is comfortable. Love isn’t love until it’s unconditional. We’re not experiencing who we really are until we experience our perfect love.”

“The Holy Spirit teaches us to see love as our only function. Everything we do in our lives will be use, or interpreted by the ego or the Holy Spirit. The ego uses everything to lead us further into anxiety. The Holy Spirit uses everything to lead us into inner peace.”

“In all religions, there are stories of saints or prophets who worked miracles. That is because, when the mind returns to God, it becomes a vessel for His power. The power of God transcends the laws of this world.”

Pray and meditate with me on these words (as well as last week’s) this week.

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