The First Week of First Grade..What We Learned and Expectations!

by Kathy Sykes on August 26, 2013 · 0 comments

We survived the first week of first grade and the first week is always the most telling for the year in my opinion.

In the first week, we get to learn:

1. The teacher and her/his rules

2. The classmates and their behaviors

3. The parents

4. The curriculum and the expectations

5. How our kids “fit in” or are adapting

  • The first week is always a “rush” for kids, exciting and new. We had three great (green) days and two needs work (yellow) days. Thomas is a talker. He loves to chat. His problem is not his chatter but knowing when to stop chatting. I think this is a very important distinction because you don’t want to punish your child for talking and expressing himself, but teach him that there is a time and a place for everything and knowing the difference.
  • First grade has homework “every” night. Much different from Kindergarten. Because of this, we have to decide if homework is going to be done before or after dinner or right before bedtime. It really is dependent on the dynamics of the family and sometimes it won’t be at the same time everyday. We (I) work better on a schedule. My husband is more spontaneous. As long as it gets done is the main objective.
  • Summer’s over (per se) and school has started so there is a scheduled bedtime. Rest is important for kids getting up on time and being rested/ready for the school day. It has been a transition for us because we were used to going to bed whenever we felt like it but now, not so much.

The first week should not be an indication (for teachers or parents) of how the entire school year will be but a guide to the expectations of the teacher and parents. This is the best time to communicate with your child’s teacher and get a full understanding of the dynamics of her/his classroom.

Hope your school year is starting off on a good foot!


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