Day 1 of Whole 30!

by Kathy Sykes on February 21, 2014 · 0 comments



Woo! Today was tough. I started the Whole30 program and as I suspected, day one was a challenge. This is how I made it through the day thus far:

Breakfast-bacon, scrambled eggs, and water

Snack-100 calorie almond pack

Lunch-Smoked tuna salad (mushrooms, boiled eggs, black olives, broccoli) with balsalmic vinegar, a banana and water

Dinner-grilled steak and chicken in garlic with a side of brussels sprouts and water

I am starving right now and haven’t decided what I will have for my evening snack before bed. Luckily I have recruited two people to come on this journey with me and we kept it light and funny today.

I am also keeping a Pinterest board for food suggestions so feel free to check it out. The weekend is coming up and I am anticipating a lot of mood swings because I am used to eating what I want but I will stand strong.


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