What Am I Thinking?!!! {A Serious Change To My Diet}

by Kathy Sykes on February 20, 2014 · 0 comments



So, I have been exercising consistently for about a month now and am trying to get rid of some of my muffin top, back fat and down about 15 lbs. This has not been easy for me although my self-constructed workout plan has gotten easier and easier each week.

So, I thought I would add something else to it…………A CHANGE IN MY DIET.

What I have chosen to do is the Whole 30 Program which pretty much is as strict as you can get for 30 days. Why did I choose this program?

1. It is only 30 days

2. It is a detox for you body of sorts

3. The results directly effect certain disease states that I have (hypertension, high cholesterol and problem skin)

4. I will be finished right before our Spring Break trip

5. It will also take place during the Lenten season so I am giving up something and focusing on spiritual growth.

Today I went to the store to stock up on my Whole 30 shopping items and have decided to buy every 3-4 days instead of stocking up for days at a time. I want to keep it spontaneous and not the same foods over and over.

A quick overview of the program is:

  • Pretty much all meats are acceptable
  • All the veggies you can stand
  • Some fruits
  • Some nuts and seeds
  • No sugar (real or artificial)
  • No grain
  • No rice or corn
  • No beans
  • No MSG
  • No alcohol
  • No NSAIDs

I have recruited one person to start with me TOMORROW!!! Wish us luck!




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