10 Things I Have Learned From Whole 30!

by Kathy Sykes on March 7, 2014 · 0 comments


I am now at the beginning of week 3 in the Whole 30 program and I have a list of things to share with you that I have learned from this detox experience”

1. Learned moderation. It is so easy to say that we should all eat in moderation but do we really do it on a consistent basis? No, not really. The program taught me that my appetite is not as big as my mind says it is. The saying is true “Our eyes are bigger than our stomachs”.

2. You can eat…….just not everything, at every meal, everyday. We should not have to “gorge” ourselves at each meal. If you want to balance it out, have a moderate breakfast, lunch your biggest meal, and then keep it light for dinner before bedtime and out most sedentary time of the day.

3. I have not had one breakout since giving up dairy! That is amazing for me in that I “dealt” with adult acne all of my life. It does make a difference. Does that mean I am giving it up forever? Maybe. I have never been a big dairy person anyway and if I must, I will limit my cheese intake.

4. Water makes a huge difference. This is self explanatory but another fact that we don’t consistently do. I can replace my colas with water more easily now.

5. I am more aware of what I eat and am not an unconscious eater anymore.

6. I feel better about myself overall knowing that I am taking care of my body.

7. The program has made me stronger mentally. It is not that hard to resist the things that we know that we don’t need. Just Say No!

8. I didn’t badger myself with an extreme workout plan along with this extreme detox. I would have been miserable. Instead I just focused on one area I wanted to improve at the same time and did some cardio. It made me want to exercise more regularly.

I have two more weeks to go and I am sure this will learn more about myself and my body by the end.


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