Maintaining Post Whole 30 detox program!

by Kathy Sykes on April 2, 2014 · 0 comments

Yes, I have successfully completed the Whole 30 program and I am glad that I did it. Now, I am back to eating what I want but with some modifications that I learned from the program.

This is what I am doing to help me maintain moderation:

1. I am not sacrificing anything out of my entire diet. The detox was to make me aware of what I was putting in my body and now I can make smarter decisions about what I eat while dining out and making home cooked meals.

2. Part of my moderation plan is to limit certain items out of my diet throughout the month. The first week of the month I cut out BREAD (B), the second week of the month I cut out DAIRY (D), the third week of the month I cut out STARCHES (St) and the last week I cut out SUGAR (Su). I am keeping it in alphabetical order in order for me to remember.

3. I don’t purchase sodas during my regular shopping trip anymore. I do make sure there is plenty of water on hand. I haven’t cut out sodas but if I want one, I have to buy a small bottle for myself or a small cup at work. NEVER at home anymore.

4. I make sure there is always a green on our plates at lunch and dinner. I did not consistently do this before. Fries were a staple if I was eating out.



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