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Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m Kathy Sykes,  the Mom of a kindergartner, Wife of a very busy pastor, and First Lady of a growing church of disciples (me included), and a full-time pharmacist.  My blog is a look into the life of a working mom and wife who is committed to having the life that the Lord intends for me, my family, and my community. I wear many hats and am doing it with style and grace. My blog focuses on merging our reality with organized and efficient living. Yes, it can be done. I have learned from being a pharmacist how to multi-task and work efficiently and have taken those skills into my home life. By being a Pastor’s wife, I have learned that patience is truly a virtue and you are not going to get everything right all the time. AND THAT IS OKAY!  I also highlight parenting skills, educational resources for your kids, spiritual growth, work/life balance, health and giving back to your community. You’ll get a little bit of everything here that is, most importantly, useful and relevant.

I am the founder of “Your Virtual Pharmacist which is a site that addresses health, life balance, and a variety of topics that benefit healthcare providers, working mothers, and families. Our contributors will give you insight on what you need to know in simple terms and through video. We are also experienced public speakers on a number of health related and personal topics and we welcome the opportunity to speak with your organization.

I have worked with the following brands to bring awareness to healthy living and illness prevention:

CDC Safe Healthcare Blog



In addition to the above (yes there’s more), I am passionate about education (I was a career student at one time) and seek to keep my son stimulated to learn by many different techniques. I am a mom who sends her son to traditional school, but incorporates homeschooling into the mix. Parental participation is a huge part of a child’s success with learning.

I have worked with the following brands to bring attention to children’s learning:


You can view some of our homeschooling/traditional learning recommendations under the “Education and Play” category of my blog.

Other things that I love, that just bring me joy are:

  • The theater (stage plays) and operas
  • Mexican and Vietnamese food
  • Travel (anywhere)
  • Fashion
  • 80’s music
  • Tennis (watching not playing)
  • HBCU’s marching bands
  • Tap dancing

I am eager to work with companies and organizations who promote working mom/women agendas, education, healthcare, community and social media. I am also available for speaking engagements that fit in line with the “brand” of my blog. Advertisement space is also available and media kit will be provided if interested. If you are a company or organization seeking someone to represent your “brand” or bring your product/service to life through words and video, please feel free to contact me for more information.

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